AIS – Air Insulated Substations – 69 kV to 500 kV

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The VISION Group provides complete solutions in regime turnkey for Substations High and Extra High Voltage in view of the generation, transmission, distribution and industrial sectors such as steel, mining and petrochemicals. We have the necessary knowledge and experience in projects around the world to design and deliver in regime turnkey all types of substations with conventional characteristics (AIS), gas insulated (GIS) and dynamic reactive compensation systems (SVC), covering the supply of all equipment necessary for its smooth operation.
Our portfolio of supply includes the complete development of the substation with time and quality of alignment with the supply of more than 100 substations totaling more than 3,000 MVA.

Air Insulated Substations  Prosess

The VISION Group has staff of experienced and specialized employees, running with its own team the following activities:


    Civil, Electromechanical and Electric Project

    Basic projects, detailed (executive) and as-built

    Systemic studies: short circuit, protection, ground loop, insulation coordination, etc

AIS prosess


    Civil works (earthworks, drilling, foundations, equipment bases, control room, roads, among others);

    Electromechanical and electrical Assembly substation

    Complete project management

    Startup and commissioning of the entire system

    Assisted Operation

    After-sales services: includes the full portfolio of services

Engineering workflow

The VISION is certified by DNV Business Assurance to ISO 9001: 2008. Our Quality department seeks continuous improvement of Management System of Quality implanted in order to optimize processes.

Certificado ISO

The VISION warranty against manufacturing defects when operated at normal operation of their equipment provided up to 12 months and warranty of 18 months for inoperative equipment.

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    Short Delivery Time

    Competitive Price

    Quality and Reliability


    Low Maintenance

    Cost reduction

We have a team of engineers and technicians able to offer unique solutions to each client, serving national and international standards, providing improve their performance and reduce environmental impacts.