Small Hydroelectric Power Plant

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SHPP’s (Small Hydroelectric Power Plant) are small hydroelectric plants that supplied energy power is between 1 MW and 30 MW. Furthermore, the area of the water tank must be less than 3 square kilometers.
Also referred to as “run-of-water plant,” the SHPP are basically formed by the dam, capture and transport of water systems; powerhouse and water recovery system to the natural riverbed. The kinetic energy is transformed first into mechanical energy and then into electricity when passing through the turbines. The generators that convert electrical energy into electricity supplies homes, streets and towns.

The SHPP VISION feature is among the most modern in the case of electric power generation and transmission, valuing the convenience and safety of operation.

The VISION Group has staff of experienced and specialized employees, running with its own team the following activities:


    Civil, Electromechanical and Electric Project

    Basic projects, detailed (executive) and as-built

    Systemic studies: short circuit protection, ground loop, insulation coordination, etc.


    High power transformers;

    Yard equipment (breaker, switchgear, TCs, TPs, lightning rod);

    Static Compensator for Reactives;

    Line Reactors;

    Harmonic filters and Capacitor Banks;

    Automation and control systems;

    Panels and protection and control systems;

    Cubicles of low and high voltage;

    Panels and equipment for auxiliary services;

    Distribution and Transmission Lines associated with substations.


    Civil works (earthworks, drilling, foundations, equipment bases, command room, streets, among others)

    Electromechanical Assembly and Electric;

    Complete project management

    Startup and commissioning of the entire system;

    Assisted operation;

    After-sales services: includes the full portfolio of services.


    Short Delivery Time

    Low Cost

    Quality and Reliability


    Minor Environmental Damage

    Cost reduction

    Construction of smaller rivers flow

We have a team of engineers and technicians able to offer unique solutions to each client, serving national and international standards, providing improve their performance and reduce environmental impacts.