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Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy, cleaner, safer and now with the VISION is also the most affordable. Data Vitae Civilis confirm that Brazil receives solar energy of about 1013 MWh (mega watt hours) per year, which corresponds to about 50,000 times their annual electricity consumption. What happens is the lack of solar energy conversion equipment for other types of energy, which could be operating and helping to reduce the pressure to build dams for hydroelectric, fossil fuels, etc.
We offer in turnkey, complete solutions in solar energy, covering supply photovoltaic panels, hubs / strings, inverters, transformers, medium voltage switchgear, reactive static compensators and all other equipment and services necessary for the smooth operation of substation, considering its expertise in energy conversion in over 3000 MWA provided.

Project management procedure:

Solar power plant prosess

Basic operation of solar substation:

Process flow of solar power plant


The VISION PV INVERTER has compact structure, easy maintenance and optimum efficiency. Among its features, we can mention:

    Inversion of up to 500 kW of power

    Frequency control

    Immediate interruption in the event of faults, detailing the same on your LCD display

    Automatic mode, detecting the presence of DC current and converting it into AC, eliminating the manual activation

    Monitoring capabilities from a distance

Inversor VISION

Static reactive compensator (svc)


The reactive static compensator (SVC VISION) consists of thyristor switches that control the current in reactors and / or capacitors, producing dynamic shunt compensation.
It is used to supply reactive power demand, eliminate losses of active power, voltage regulation, voltage fluctuation, flicker and to increase the power factor and especially the elimination of harmonics caused by the inverter.
The SVC is an effective solution in providing dynamic reactive power, with fast response time, and low maintenance costs.


    Energy clean, safe, renewable and inexhaustible

    Short Delivery Time

    Competitive Price

    Quality and Reliability


    Low Maintenance

    Cost reduction

We have a team of engineers and technicians able to offer unique solutions to each client, serving national and international standards, providing improve their performance and reduce environmental impacts.