Process Optimization

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The process optimization service provided by VISION covers the analysis, tuning and audit of control meshes.

Key Benefits of Optimization Service:

  • Reduction of process variability;
  • Improvement in the quality of the final product;
  • Increased productivity of maintenance teams;
  • Operating cost reduction;
  • Increased asset life.

Synthesis of Control Loops

First, the control mesh analysis is performed in order to identify the best parameters for the controller. Then, corrections are implemented in the control blocks, installation of filters (when necessary) and other actions, in order to guarantee the best performance of the mesh.

Audit of Control Loops

In this service the performance evaluation of process control meshes is performed, which allows to identify poorly tuned meshes, poorly sized valves, coupling between meshes, inadequate control strategies, inefficient instrumentation, oscillations and disturbances.

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