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The VISION Group provides highly specialized service in industrial networks, as a result of experience, training and investment in specific equipment for analysis and certifications.

The work covers design, analysis, certification and implementation of the main networks in the market:

  • Profibus DP/PA;
  • Profinet;
  • Foundation Fieldbus;
  • Controlnet;
  • Devicenet;
  • Ethernet;
  • Modbus.

Industrial Networks Certification

The network certification procedure consists of performing a series of tests and verifications on all layers of the network, ensuring its perfect operation and high performance.

The VISION Group has professionals officially certified by PI – PROFIBUS INTERNACIONAL , ensuring that its projects will be executed following the best practices and applicable norms, according to international guidelines and recommendations of the PI – PROFIBUS INTERNATIONAL >.

With this service, it is possible to ensure the use of the best techniques and engineering practices for the correct dimensioning of the network, contributing to the improvement of the performance of the company’s assets.

PROFIBUS Foundation Fieldbus


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