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The VISION Group has an experienced team of consultants in electrical and industrial automation. Among the services rendered, we highlight the Feasibility Study and Investment Analysis, the Industrial Automation Master Plan (PDAI) and the Standardization of Automation Systems.

Feasibility Study and Investment Analysis

Technical, economic and operational feasibility studies for industrial projects. Main activities and items evaluated:

  • Assumptions and characterization of the project / company;
  • Results report;
  • Summary of investments and disbursement schedule;
  • Taxes and tax incentives;
  • Composition of sales prices (revenues) and costs;
  • Stratification of costs (direct, indirect, fixed and variable);
  • Personnel structure (number of people, salaries and charges);
  • Depreciation;
  • Investment analysis (payback, TIR, VPL, EBITDA, EVA);
  • Predicted cash flow.

Master plan

Elaboration of the Industrial Automation Master Plan, in order to evaluate the current scenario and define the new path to be drawn in the area of Automation Technology of the company. Main activities and items evaluated:

  • Evaluation and definition of projects for implementation;
  • Definition of implantation schedules;
  • Evaluation of project impacts on production;
  • Definition of instrumentation, control, supervision, optimization, PIMS, MES, ERP;
  • Definition of hardware and software architecture;
  • Definition of technologies to be used.

Standardization of Automation Systems

Elaboration of the standardization of automation and information systems, involving conceptual, basic and detailed engineering activities:

  • Elaboration of technical standards;
  • Elaboration of templates for development;
  • Monitoring of systems development;
  • Integrated test accompaniments.
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