Commissioning of Substations

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Implementation of the commissioning of Outdoor Hi-Voltage Equipments and protection and control systems, including:

Cleaning and general inspection of all equipment

Checking the insulation power factor of all equipment

Verification of the ohmic insulation resistance of all equipment

Verification of transformation characteristics of transformers

Checking the polarity of the transformers

Checking the closing and opening time of circuit breakers and disconnecting switches

Alignment of the poles in disconnecting switches

Parametric operation counter check

General inspection with a view to identifying faults in the insulation and cracks in porcelains of the protection panels

General overhaul in busbars and power cable connections and control of protection panels

Implantation of the protection relay setting parameters

Checking and setting the minimum operating value and resetting the protection relays

Survey and measurement of the harmonic restriction characteristic of the protection relays

Test and measurement of the instantaneous unit of the protection relays

Testing of protection relay signaling units

Placement of control stamps and execution of services.