VISION Group signed a supply contract with CEMIG GT for turn-key substation Neves 1 – 500kV


VISION signed a contract with CEMIG GT to supply projects, engineering services, civil work, electromechanical assembly and low and high tension material and equipment sourcing in full-time endeavor (turn-key), for full ... [Learn More...]

VISION successfully completed the expansion of SE Rio Grande 2


The VISION Group completed the expansion of the substation Rio Grande 2, on the south coast of the RS. The work, carried out in an exclusive contract with VISION and with an approximate value of R$ 15 million, included t... [Learn More...]

The VISION Group Delivers the F&S AGRISOLUTIONS’s Works


F&S AGRISOLUTIONS Project - VISION Group successfully delivers another important work in the Center West of Brazil with an F&S AGRISOLUTIONS plant in Lucas do Rio Verde - MT. The turnkey contract included the supply of t... [Learn More...]

Energizing the São Sebastião do Oeste substation of CEMIG.


CEMIG SE São Sebastião do Oeste 138kV / 25MVA - The VISION group successfully completed the energy of the São Sebastião do Oeste substation of CEMIG. This 138kV / 25MVA substation (SE) uses hybrid switchgear module - GIS... [Learn More...]

Energizing the Nova Ponte Substation


SE Nova Ponte MMHC SF6 145KV / 40KA 2000A - The VISION Group carried out the energization of the Nova Ponte substation. The scope of supply includes, among others, two MMHC SF6 insulated 145KV / 40KA 2000A (GIS - Gas In... [Learn More...]