Natural gas

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Natural Gas is the generic name for a fossil fuel composed of the mixture of light hydrocarbons that remain in the gaseous state under the ambient temperature and pressure conditions, among which methane (CH4) stands out, being found in nature normally in Reservoirs in the subsoil, associated or not with oil.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel among those consumed in the world. Its burning emits extremely low amounts of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter (combustion process residues) present in the smoke. Versatile, it can be used in domestic, industrial and automotive applications, replacing gasoline, alcohol and diesel oil.

Unlike competing energy sources (coal and oil), natural gas can be used almost in natura; Only being necessary to dehydrate and desulphurize it, which is normally done immediately, in the production facilities themselves, due to the technical requirements required for transport.

In the case of the steel industry, in turn, the advantage of using natural gas is also significant: in addition to being a source of energy, gas enters the process as a chemical reducer, replacing coal coke. Provided that the composition and pressure are maintained within certain specifications, for the purpose of reducing pig iron, dry natural gas, before being injected into the blast furnace, requires no further processing and requires no prior heating.

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