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Developed to meet the most diverse industry segments, the MCC VIPLUS TTA / PTTA has a high level of standardization, facilitating assembly, installation, maintenance and future extensions, in addition to meeting the standard NBR IEC 60439 -1: 2003 TTA / PTTA (tests were performed in the USP and CEPEL laboratories, fully complying with the seven tests provided for in the standard).

Product Features

    0,6 kV Voltage class;
    Rated main bus current up to 4200 A;
    Short-circuit current of short duration up to 63 kA;
    Protection Degree of IP-42 or higher (on request);
    Constructive form: 3b or 4b;
    NBR IEC 60439-1:2003 Standard;
    Factory-certified internal communication network

Tests carried out

    Protection degree – USP 67287
    Dielectric properties – USP 66909
    Mechanical operation – USP 66723
    Temperature Rise Limits – USP 66630
    Discharge distance and insulation – USP 66909
    Protection Circuit Efficiency – CEPEL UNIAP 28651/2003R
    Short-circuit withstand current – CEPEL UNIAP 28651/2003R