Main Equipment

Electrical Houses (E-House)
MCC VIPLUS PTTA (Motor Control Center)
MCC VIPLUS IAC (Air-Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear)
CMT VIPLUS SF6 (SF6 Gas-Isulated Medium Voltage Switchgear)
PLC and Remote Panel
Low-Voltage Switchboad
Shielded Bus

Electrical Houses (E-House)

Electrical Houses (E-House) meets the needs of applications in substations, wind energy transformation stations and industrial plants, offering shorter delivery times and elimination of field work. In addition to being delivered in Turn Key (factory tested), the Power House integrates the control, monitoring and data acquisition capabilities of substations.

Main advantages:

Eletrocentro VISION

Redução dos prazos de entrega
Low maintenance
Manufactured and factory tested
Permanent or mobile installation
Easier transportation
Resistant to climatic variations
Standardized components
Substation size reduction
Reduction of bureaucracy with municipalities
Manufacture in parallel to the work
Conventional wiring reduction
Reduction of commissioning time
Reduction of civil works