Low Voltage Switchboard

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Used in all sectors for internal energy distribution, the low-voltage switchboard is used in the most diverse electricity distribution systems where there are loads (MVS, Auxiliary Services Panels, Automation and Supervision Systems, Transformers etc.).
Low-voltage switchboard is present in the E-House and conventional electric rooms when there are several MCCs or when a transformer feeds more than one electrical panel.
The Low-voltage switchboard can be manufactured in self-supporting or overlapping configuration for wall mounting. The most suitable configuration will be defined mainly based on the nominal current of the main bus and the short-circuit current.
VISION manufactures QGBT with first-line components meeting all standards applicable to low voltage systems.

Product Features

    Operating Voltage: 127V / 220V / 380V / 440V
    Voltage Rating: 690V
    Current: up to 3150 Amps
    Operating Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
    Finishing: electrostatic powder paint based on epoxy resin (customer standard color)
    Bus: with heat-shrink or painted
    Degree of Protection: up to IP54.