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The VISION hybrid solution combines the advantages of GIS (insulated substation with SF6 gas) with the simplicity of the isolated air substation, and can be found at voltage levels from 145 kV to 550 kV.

This is the most reliable and economical solution for new installations, expansions or replacement of existing substations. When compared to the AIS substation, the reduction of the area used can reach up to 50%.

Another significant feature is the low commissioning time, besides the easy installation and, in case of Expansion / Retrofit, it has low cost and time saving.

Comparison between occupied areas – HIS x AIS:

Comparação HIS x AIS


Reduction of up to 50% of the space used;

Low commissioning time;

Quick installation;

Short Delivery Time;

Competitive Price;

Quality and Reliability;

Low Maintenance;

Cost reduction.

We have a team of engineers and technicians able to offer unique solutions to each client, serving national and international standards, providing improve their performance and reduce environmental impacts.