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VISION Digital Substation is a breakthrough in the installation of protection and control systems of substations by using the bus processes (IEC-61850) and the general reduction of hand labor for design, construction and substation testing.
Traditional primary devices, TC’s / TP’s traditional cabling are replaced by primary smart devices, Merging Units and optical fibers.
The introduction of the process bus scheme with GOOSE in digital substation allows the exchange of inputs and conventional binary outputs for digital models. All inputs and outputs are configurable and can go to the Ethernet switch via a single optical cable. This represents a simplification in the transmission of status information, trip command, interlock commands, as well as a reduction of thousands of meters of copper and hundreds of individual terminals.
The VISION Digital substation reduces the work required to expand or construct a substation in more than 50%. It is a modern substation, composed of intelligent primary devices and secondary devices in the network layer structure in order to share information and interoperability between each smart device.

The VISION is always a step forward ready to provide innovative solutions comas latest technologies, including ECT / EVT, protection panels and intelligent control for isolated substations GIS (Gas Insulated Substations) / AIS ( Air Insulated Substations) and complete sets of devices with the IEC 61850 protocol.



    Reducing the use of copper cables;

    No EMC problems for optical transmission;

    No EMI of HV devices for IEDs;

    Reducing the size of the substation;

    Adoption of TC’s / TP’s electronics without saturation.

    Flexible configuration of IEDs;