Protection, Acquisition and Control Panel

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VISION offers complete solutions for protection and control systems for substations of 13.8 kV and 1000 kV, including generator protection, transformer, transmission lines, buses, reactors, capacitors, circuit breakers and feeders.
In order to ensure the safety and reliability of its product, VISION’s Protection and Control System (P&C system) is designed so as to avoid relay failures, shutdowns nuisance, oscillations and even local, regional or systemic blackouts, besides having a robust self-supporting structure with auto display on a glass or polycarbonate front door. It features inner tilt door for mounting standard Rack 19″ components.

Main applications

    Transmission line protection
    Differential protection bars
    Transformer protection
    Generator protection
    Protection feeders
    Control and supervision
    Metering and billing
    Remote Terminal Unit

Technical specifications

    Cabinet self-supporting steel, standard 19 “.
    Structure and sheet metal base 12MSG
    Tempered glass or polycarbonate display
    Upper mounting flexibility
    Suitable to the standard of each customer / dealer
    IP-54 protection degree or higher (on request)