VISION successfully energized the CEMIG Substation (SE) 138KV Nova Lima 7

VISION successfully energized the CEMIG Substation (SE) 138KV Nova Lima 7. The supply of the SE was done by turnkey project, using gas isolation technology – GIS (145KV / 40KA 3150A) and was designed for 80MVA (2 x 40MVA).

The project includes all services, equipment and construction with 2500m² of constructed area, 4300m³ of land movement, more than 2 kilometers of underground LT, 40 cubicles of 13.8KV for as currents of 3150A and 1250A and the entire protection system And substation control.

This vision solution contributes with several benefits, such as: delivery time, reduction of substation size, low maintenance, low commissioning and installation time and increased reliability.

The main difference between the conventional substation and the GIS substation is that the insulation used in Conventional air insulated substation (AIS) requires meters to do what the SF6 gas can do in centimeters since it is dielectrically superior.

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) are high voltage components such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, surge arresters, CTs and TPs encapsulated in metal enclosures that can be operated and used safely in confined spaces.

SE Nova Lima 7 will supply more than fifty-five thousand inhabitants of the cities of Nova Lima and Belo Horizonte, this will supply the neighborhoods off Olhos D’Água, Santa Lucia, Belvedere, Vila da Serra, Crystals, Jardim da Torre, Jardim das Mangabeiras, Jardim Naves, Piedmont, Vale dos Cristais, Vale do Sereno, Vila Alpina, Vila da Serra and Vila do Conde.

Cemig is one of the most solid and important groups in the Brazilian electricity segment, participating in more than 218 companies, in addition to consortiums and participation funds. A publicly-held company controlled by the Minas Gerais State Government has 115,000 shareholders in 44 countries. Its shares are traded on the stock exchanges of São Paulo, New York and Madrid.

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GIS Substation (SE) 138KV Nova Lima 7