VISION Group signed a supply contract with CEMIG GT for turn-key substation Neves 1 – 500kV

VISION signed a contract with CEMIG GT to supply projects, engineering services, civil work, electromechanical assembly and low and high tension material and equipment sourcing in full-time endeavor (turn-key), for full deployment of reinforcements and improvements on Substation Neves 1 – 500kV. Alongside with an extense scope of sourcing, the execution of the endeavor of about R$80.0000 is briefly summarized down below:

  • Supply, substitution, relocation and installation of full sections (bays and modules) of 500kV including protections, transformers, lightning rods, circuit breakers etc;
  • Substitution of protections, reactors and circuit breakers of 345kV;
  • Reassembly of 138kV sectors, many adequations alongside with equipment replacements and the
  • installation of the new 138kV section;
  • Relocation and replacement of the 13,8kV spans;
  • Alterations on Sincronos Compensators’ spans;
  • Re-qualification and relocation of Transmission Lines of 138kV and 345kV.

Neves 1 Substation is based in Ribeirão das Neves, Minas Gerais and stands out for one of the most important substations of Brazil. The deadline for finishing the entire scope is approximately 42 months.

Substation Neves 1

VISION signed a contract with CEMIG GT for supply of 138kV and 345kV material to Neves 1 Substation