VISION signed this contract as an EPCist, being responsible for the turnkey supply of the entire project of lot 11 (ANEEL 002/2018 transmission auction) and which includes, among others, a new 138 kV yard and 500/138 kV transformation with (6+1res.) x 60 MVA totaling 360 MVA.

Grupo VISION successfully advances to the end of the project to expand new sectors of the COLINAS 500 – 138KV substation, owned by ELETRONORTE, in the state of TOCANTINS.

The substation is located in the municipality of Colinas do Tocantins, very close to the limit with the municipality of Palmeirante. In the future, this substation will be part of the transmission system of UHE Belo Monte, in Pará.

The North-South Line is one of the largest and most modern electric power supply systems in the world. It has been in operation since March 1, 1999. It is 1,276 km long, from the Samambaia substation in Brasília – DF to Imperatriz – MA. This undertaking allows the rational management of the surplus electricity generated in the various hydroelectric plants in Brazil and the peaks in demand in the country. This means that, if there is a risk of energy shortages in the center-south, it will be possible to transport surplus energy from the north-northeast region there and vice versa. Each tower is 30 meters high, and the average distance between them is 400 meters at 500 kV voltage, with a transmission capacity of 1,100 MW.