The VISION Group signs an EPC contract for 3 lots of ANEEL Transmission Auction 02/2018

The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) promoted on June 28, 2018, at the headquarters of B3 S / A (Brazil, Bolsa, Balcão), in São Paulo, the Transmission Auction No. 02/2018 for construction, operation and maintenance substations and transmission lines in which the Vision Group was contracted as EPCista (EPC: Engineering, Procurement, Construction) by the winner of lots 6, 11 and 17.

  • LOT 6, comprising the following facilities in the state of Bahia:
    •  SE 230/69 kV Feira de Santana III – 2 x 150 MVA;

    • 230 kV transmission line sections between the sectioning of the 230 kV transmission line Governador Mangabeira, Camaçari II C2 and the Feira de Santana III SE, with 2 x 54 km.

    • Purpose: Service to SE Tomba cargo, in the state of Bahia.

  • LOT 11, comprising the following facilities in the state of Tocantins:
    • SE 500/138 kV Colinas – new 138 kV yard and 500/138 kV transformation with (6 + 1res.) X 60 MVA totaling 360 MVA.

    • Purpose: Electric service to the Northeast of Tocantins and South of Maranhão.

  • LOT 17, comprising the following facilities in the state of Piauí:
    • 230 kV Chapada I – Chapada II, C1 transmission line, 12 km long;

    • 230 kV Chapada II – Chapada III, C1 transmission line, 18 km long;

    • SE 230/138 kV Chapada I – new 138 kV yard and transformation 230/138 kV, with 2 x 200 MVA.

    • Purpose: Supply to CELPE’s cargo located in the Araripe sertão region and EDPI’s cargo located in the Alto Médio Canindé region.

The VISION Group consolidates itself as one of the main suppliers in the transmission, participating in the main works of the sector in the country. The VISION Group is currently supplying six 500 kV and eight 230 kV substations.