Startup of Osorio 2 – 230kV Substation

VISION has successfully completed the startup of the Osório 2 substation – 230KV, belonging to CEEE-GT. The turnkey supply includes a new 138kV sector with “main bar and transfer arrangement”, composed of two line input modules and one tie module, as well as the disassembly, assembly and construction of a 138kV transmission line stretch Taquara – Osório 2.
Startup of Osorio 2 - 230kV SubstationThis is an important substation that connects lines of transmission, wind farms and other substations in the region. The expansion will allow an increase in the reliability of power supply for the municipality of Osório, benefiting approximately 50,000 inhabitants, as well as the municipalities of Taquara and Palmares, due to the interconnections with the existing substations in these locations.