Petrobrás – TEP Fernando Gasparian – E-house – 6.9kV – 7400 HP

GIS da Subestação (SE) 138kV Nova Lima 7


  • Place: São Paulo – SP – Brazil
  • Beginning: 05/2016 End: 07/2017
  • Value: R$ 16 milhões
  • Modernization of the Natural Gas Compression System
  • E-house 20 x 5m (100 m²)
  • 6.9 kV Feeder Cubicle
  • Two 6.9 kV/7400 HP inverters
  • CCC Advanced Control System

The Project:

The supply of this project was made by VISION on a turn-key basis for the modernization of the gas compression and recycling system of Petrobras Gasparian Thermoelectric Plant (TEP). TEP Gasparian is located in São Paulo and has an installed capacity of 386 MW.
The new system will reduce downtime in the two-compressor system by changing the drive of two 7,200 HP motors at 6.9 kV from direct starter to inverter, as well as changes and interventions in instruments and control system to ensure performance.
The scope of delivery includes, but is not limited to, a complete E-house for installation of all panels, two SIEMENS frequency converters at 6.9 kV voltage for two 7200 HP motors, a complete CCC automation system (Compressor Controls Corporation ) for control and supervision (CLPs + HMIs), in addition to the services of assembly, configuration, commissioning, startup, training and assisted operation. These inverters will be the most powerful ones ever made in Brazil by SIEMENS.

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