CEEE-GTO – Guarita Substation – 230/69 kV – 83 MVA

HIGHLIGHTS: Place: Erval Seco, RS – Brasil Value: R$ 15 Milhões Beginning: 10/16 End: 10/17; 230/69kV – 83MVA Transformation Module; Installation, relocation and handling equipment; Execution, adequacy and expansion of electromechanical and civil facilities; Execution and planning of activities on energized line. The Project: CEEE-GTO Guarita substation 230/69 kV – 83 MVA. Grupo VISION delivers […]

Petrobrás – TEP Fernando Gasparian – E-house – 6.9kV – 7400 HP

HIGHLIGHTS: Place: São Paulo – SP – Brazil Beginning: 05/2016 End: 07/2017 Value: R$ 16 milhões Modernization of the Natural Gas Compression System E-house 20 x 5m (100 m²) 6.9 kV Feeder Cubicle Two 6.9 kV/7400 HP inverters CCC Advanced Control System The Project: The supply of this project was made by VISION on a […]

CEEE-GT – Canoas 1 Substation – AIS – 245 kV – 100 MVA

HIGHLIGHTS: Place: Canoas, RS – Brasil Beginning: 10/2010 End: 07/2017 Value: R$ 26 Million 245 kV / 100 MVA 2 line inputs in 230 kV 2 transformation bays 230 kV 1 interconnection bay 230 kV Differential Bar System IEC61850 The Project: The scope of supply included the preparation of civil, electromechanical and electrical executive projects, […]

VISION successfully completed the expansion of SE Rio Grande 2

The VISION Group completed the expansion of the substation Rio Grande 2, on the south coast of the RS. The work, carried out in an exclusive contract with VISION and with an approximate value of R$ 15 million, included the replacement of an existing transformer and the installation of a second 25 MVA transformer, doubling […]

The VISION Group delivers expansion work of the CEEE-GT’s Guarita Substation

VISION Group delivers the expansion work of Guarita substation belonged to Companhia Estadual de Geração e Transmissão de Energia Elétrica – CEEE-GT. Stablished in Erval Seco municipality in state of Rio Grande do Sul, around 431,8km away from Porto Alegre, the expansion contemplates the installation of the third Transformation Module 230/69 kV – 83 MVA […]

The VISION Group Delivers the F&S AGRISOLUTIONS’s Works

F&S AGRISOLUTIONS Project – VISION Group successfully delivers another important work in the Center West of Brazil with an F&S AGRISOLUTIONS plant in Lucas do Rio Verde – MT. The turnkey contract included the supply of the entire system of automation, drives, control, distribution and protection, low and medium voltage. F&S AGRISOLUTIONSthe is the first […]

Energizing the São Sebastião do Oeste substation of CEMIG.

CEMIG SE São Sebastião do Oeste 138kV / 25MVA – The VISION group successfully completed the energy of the São Sebastião do Oeste substation of CEMIG. This 138kV / 25MVA substation (SE) uses hybrid switchgear module – GIS (Gas Insulated Substation), technology that allows high reliability, 90% less maintenance costs among other gains compared to […]