CEMIG – São Sebastião do Oeste Substation – HGIS – 138KV – 25MVA

cemig's São Sebastião do Oeste Substation - HGIS – 138KV – 25MVA 2


  • Place: São Sebastião do Oeste, MG – Brazil
  • Beginning: 04/2016 End: 07/2017
  • Value: R$ 12 million
  • HGIS – SF6 Compact Hybrid Maneuver Module
  • São Sebastião do Oeste was the first SE acquired by CEMIG with E-house
  • 10 Cubicles / Feeders 1250A / 13,8KV 1250A/13,8KV

The project:

The São Sebastião do Oeste substation at 138 kV / 25MVA uses 138 kV, 2000A (25MVA) hybrid modules (GIS) and is the first substation of CEMIG to use E-House (modular and easily transportable metallic electrical room) that E-Houses Includes all Electrical panels: substation protection and control system (SPCS), feeders, AC / DC auxiliary service panels and telecommunications, replacing the conventional electric room previously built in masonry.

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