Signed Turn-Key Agreement with CEMIG

VISION signs turnkey contracts with CEMIG for the supply of protection and control and automation systems for 17 substations of CEMIG Distribuição (Cinco, Corinto 1, BH Maracanã, Betim 5, Piumhi 2, Vazante, Igarapé 1, BH Sion, Esmeraldas, Nova Lima 1, São Francisco 4, Diamantina, Betim 2, Lontra, BH Jatobá, Tupaciguara 2, Avantiguara). Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais – CEMIG, founded on May 22, 1952, is a holding company composed of 58 companies and 15 consortiums, with assets and business in 19 Brazilian states, in the Federal District and also in Chile. It operates in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electric energy, and also in the distribution of natural gas, through GASMIG; in telecommunications, through Cemig Telecom; and in the efficient use of energy, through EFFICIENTIA.