Automation and Supervision Panel

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VISION GROUP offers the automation panel with integrated protection, control, ethernet network, IT and communication technology applications. The system adopts distributed hierarchical architecture with bay-level and object-oriented structure, which enables a more reliable and easy-to-expand and maintain system.

IEC 61850

The IEC 61850 protocol enables high-speed control and information sharing across the network, eliminating dedicated control cables as well as dedicated communication channels between substations.

VISION protection and control panel are fully compatible with the IEC 61850 standard, including the possibility of applications with process buses.


SCADA/EMS (Power Management System) is an innovative tool used by grid operators to monitor, control and optimize the performance of the generation and / or transmission system.

SCADA/DMS (Distribution Management System) is a tool for application in the remote control center, distribution networks and substations, providing a complete protection, control and monitoring architecture, in order to ensure the reliability and economic operation of the distribution system.