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Metallurgy encompasses the processes of extraction, manufacture, casting and treatment of metals and their alloys.

The metallurgical sector in Brazil has a very exporting tradition, allowing significant contributions to the country’s trade balance. In 2015, Brazilian crude steel production reached 33.3 million tons, providing a turnover of US $ 26.3 billion, in addition to a participation of more than 5% of industrial GDP and employing around 105 thousand workers.

Aluminum, copper, tin, nickel, zinc and steel are some of the outstanding products in the metallurgical sector.

Steel metallurgy is known as Steel Industry, being considered the main segment of the sector.


Each activity or material associated to metallurgy has specifics for its industrial processing, which generates a large number of companies operating in the sector, which can be divided according to their respective production segments: Iron and Steel, Ferroalloys, Nonferrous Metals and iron foundry.

Although the metallurgical process already has a very significant role in the Brazilian and world economy, its economic importance can be even greater if accounted the sequential activities of its products, such as the automobile industry, civil construction, consumption, among others.

Source: Ministry of Mines and Energy