About Us

The VISION Group is specialized in integrated solutions in energy, electrical and automation engineering and comprises the businesses: VISION Industrial Systems (services) and VISION Electrical Panels (products). Its aims are:

  • Provide and implement complete and integrated solutions (products and services) to different market segments;
  • Perform fully integrated testing solutions for customers;
  • Manage projects in turn-key regime;
  • Establish partnerships with the best global manufacturers, creating innovative technological solutions;
  • Adjust the technical and management skills, according to the directives of the Project Management Institute – PMI (www.pmi.org);
  • Promoting continuous improvement of its processes;
  • Ensure full customer satisfaction, always trying to exceed the expectations of them;
  • Ensure compliance with the deadlines set;
  • Obey to its principles, ensuring to minimize the impact on the environment within the proposed solutions.

The Group’s activities include consulting, viability studies, project management and development; as well as the manufacturing of electrical switchboard with flexibility and dynamism. The goal is to provide complete and integrated solutions, adding value and promoting the success of our customers.

VISION Group - Project flowchart


  • Ethics – Relate to employees, customers and suppliers in an clean, honest and transparent manner

  • Innovation – Innovate with responsibility and commitment, positioning yourself ahead to offer the best solutions

  • Competence – To seek ever higher levels of knowledge, developing skills and abilities

  • Appreciation of people – Invest in employees and stimulate professional and personal growth

  • Sustainability – Idealize solutions that meet the needs of the present, without compromising them in the future


Provide complete, intelligent and innovative technological solutions in industrial and energy systems that add value and satisfy the customer.


In 2007, a team of experienced professionals gathered to found the VISION Group and promote complete and integrated technological solutions in the areas of electrical engineering and automation. Since then, the group has sought to bring together innovative ideas and aggregate values, constantly investing in the most modern in the market.
Since its inception, the VISION Group has been offering complete solutions, improving its product (electrical panels) and services (automation, analysis and certification of networks, electrical systems, etc.). With a strong know-how in energy systems, the group offers increasingly specialized solutions.

In 2009, the staff doubled, and the group inaugurated its new panel factory, located in Contagem, resulting in gross revenue in 2010 that is almost twice the amount of the previous year.

The year 2010 is marked by the entry of large contracts, again guaranteeing the VISION Group the possibility of expanding its structure. Therefore, in May 2011, the group inaugurated its new headquarters, doubling the engineering capacity and also the production of panels. This increase is a result of the new factory in Contagem, twice as large as the previous one.

The past five years prove that investments in experienced professionals, differentiated technology, continuous innovation and complete and integrated solutions have guaranteed the group a concrete and market-recognized success.